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Chailease Paylater Plan

Easy to own IT products even without credit card.

Easy Payment

Instalment up to 48 months*.

Where to apply?

A-sashi store & Online.

Simple Application

Present IC and payslip.

How to register?

Step 1
Fill in your information and complete the application form.

Step 2
Chailease performs verification and credit assessment.

Step 3
Applicants will receive notification once the application is approved.

Step 4
Successful applicants visit store to sign agreement and pick-up purchased item.

Frequently Asked Questions

Chailease Paylater

Chailease Paylater is a program which allows anyone to own a new Apple device with low monthly commitment.

1. What are the tenure options available?

Applicants are able to have repayment loan up to 48 months.

2. Can I apply for multiple device(s) under this program?

One applicant is eligible to apply for one (1) device only under Chailease Paylater.

3. Who is eligible to sign up for this program?

Students: Malaysian Citizen (Working In Malaysia Only) Between the age of 18 to 65 years

Salaried Employee: Working 6 months above with current employer. Net Salary RM 1,500 above

4. What are the supporting documents required for this program?

Students - Max limit up to RM4,000 :- A copy of Identity Card (Front & Back). Latest payslip (One Month only).

5. Will I need a guarantor or collateral for this plan?

No guarantor or collateral is required.

6. How long does it take to process the application?

Once submitted, you will receive Merchant contact within 1 to 2 working days.


1. Is there any payment upon application of this program?

There will no payment upon application. Applicant only need to pay RM110 for processing fees upon approval of Chailease Paylater.

2.How do I make my monthly repayment?

Applicant can make repayment in two (2) available options :1.Auto-Debit from applicant’s bank account 2.Pay manually via our apps “JOMAUTO”, for more information, may contact our customer service officer at 03-7666 0888 or

3. What happens if I make payment after my due date?

It is advisable for Applicant to make payment before/on due date. Late payment charges will be imposed if the payment is made after due date. Please contact our customer service officer at 03-7666 0888 or for more information.

4. Can I make monthly payment via online banking?

Yes. The monthly payment can be made via online banking. Applicant can obtain the details from our apps “ JOMAUTO“ or Applicant may contact our customer service officer. Our customer service officer can be reached at 03-7666 0888 or

5. Does this program require every applicant to apply auto-debit?

Yes. All Applicants are require to apply auto-debit before collecting their devices.

6. Will my personal information be kept confidential?

Yes. Chailease Berjaya Credit strictly complies with Personal Data Protection Act 2010 (PDPA)

7. Will there be any rebate for early settlement?

Yes. For more information, kindly contact our customer service hotline 03-7666 0888 or email to


1. Can I terminate my contract after signing up or during the contract period?

Early termination is allowed. For more information, kindly contact our customer service hotline 03-7666 0888 or email to

2. When will I get the device?

You can collect the device in the Switch outlet on the spot upon completion of agreement signing.

3. Where can I check my contract details?

You will receive your contract via postage within 1 month after collecting the device. All the terms and conditions of the Program are stated in the contract.

General – Lost / Theft / Damage

1. What should I do if the Device is faulty?

You are required to check the device upon collecting to ensure there’s no defects of the device . Please notify the staff and request for replacement if there’s defect of the device. You shall be responsible throughout the contract duration and continue paying the monthly instalment until the end of the contract once the phone is collected.

2. What happens if my device got lost or stolen?

This program does not come with lost and stolen protection; hence you will need to continue paying until the end of the contract.

3. What happens if my device got broken beyond repair?

This program does not come with device protection; hence you will need to continue paying until the end of the contract.

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